Trademark Policy

Trademark Policy for Zuri Baby Couture

Effective Date: June 2018

Welcome to Zuri International Pte Ltd Our trademarks represent the quality, reputation, and distinctiveness of our products and services. This Trademark Policy outlines the proper use of our trademarks to ensure their protection and maintain the integrity of our brand.

Zuri Baby Couture Logo

Zuri Baby Couture Logo

1. Ownership of Trademarks:

Herculina Chan / Zuri International Pte Ltd owns and holds the rights to all trademarks, service marks, logos, and trade names associated with Zuri Baby Couture products and services.

2. Proper Use of Trademarks:

a. Authorized Use:

  • Only Zuri Baby Couture and its authorized distributors, franchisees, and authorized third parties may use our trademarks in connection with our products and services.


b. Consistent Presentation:

  • When using our trademarks, ensure they are presented accurately and consistently. Do not alter or distort the appearance of our trademarks.


c. Attribution:

  • Include the appropriate trademark symbols (™, ®) and attribute ownership to Zuri Baby Couture whenever our trademarks are used.


3. Prohibited Use:

a. Unauthorized Use: Do not use our trademarks in a way that may imply endorsement, affiliation, or sponsorship by Zuri Baby Couture without explicit written permission.

b. Confusingly Similar Marks: Do not create, use, or register trademarks, trade names, or domain names that are similar to Zuri Baby Couture trademarks and may cause confusion.

c. Defamatory Use:

  • Do not use our trademarks in a manner that is defamatory, misleading, or disparaging towards Zuri Baby Couture, our products, or our services.

4. Reporting Unauthorized Use:

a. If you become aware of any unauthorized use or infringement of Zuri Baby Couture’s trademarks, please report it to

5. Licensing:

a. Any use of our trademarks beyond the scope of this policy requires a written license agreement from Zuri International Pte Ltd For inquiries about licensing, please contact

6. Changes to the Trademark Policy:

a. We reserve the right to modify this Trademark Policy at any time. Changes will be effective immediately upon posting on our official website.

By using Zuri Baby Couture’s trademarks, you agree to comply with this Trademark Policy. Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in legal action to protect our intellectual property rights.

If you have any questions or concerns about our Trademark Policy, please contact us at

Thank you for respecting and preserving the integrity of Zuri Baby Couture brand.


Herculina Chan / Zuri International Pte Ltd

Owner of Zuri Baby Couture Brand Trademark